FAQs - Target Field Parking & North Loop Parking

Where can I eat in the area?

The closest restaurant to the parking lot are JD Hoyts, the Loon Cafe and Darby's.

Where is Cowboy Jacks?

Walk toward the ballpark on Third Ave. N. Turn left at the light on Fifth St. and go one block to Second Ave. N. Restaurant is on the NE corner of the intersection.

How do I get to the Target Field Plaza?

Walk across Third Avenue, you are now across the street from the 5th Street Transportation Building. Walk across 5th Street then walk 150 feet on 5th Street to the entrance to the 5th Street Transportation Building. There are signs directing you through the Building to the Target Field Plaza. Access is also handicap accessible.

Can I park close to the Ballpark?

Our parking lot is right next to the ballpark, let the ticket sellers at the entrances know if you need handicapped parking or have a need to have space as close as possible to the Ballpark.

What is the fastest way out of the Lot?

Follow the drive aisles to the Washington Avenue exit.

Target Field: Why No Tailgating?

Why there is no Twins tailgating at the lot for Twins games (or, as far as we know, why there is no Target Field Tailgating)

Twins tailgating is regulated under the City of Minneapolis ordinances. The attached PDF gives a partial description of the requirements. You can see that under parking lot requirements, Twins tailgating is permitted only in selected areas. The area in which Target Field tailgating is permitted does not include our lot or for that matter any lots near Target Field.

The area in which tailgating is permitted is detailed in the attached PDF. Here is a link to their web page (http://vikingstailgate.com/tailgating_metrodome.php). However, as far as we know, even though Twins tailgating may be done at those lots, it can only be done if the operator of the lot complies with the requirements of operating a Twins tailgating lot. To the best of our knowledge, the permitted lots are not taking the necessary steps to comply (we assume that, since they are quite a distance away from Target Field, it does not make sense for them to do so).

Twins Game Day Parking Tailgating Contacts

Here are some contacts that you may find helpful in pursuit of Twins tailgating in regards Minnesota Twins Parking. If you find any useful information, please email us so we can keep people informed.

Mayor of Minneapolis' Communications Director - Mychal Vlatkovich (612) 346-0875 or mychal.vlatkovich@minneapolismn.gov

Lisa Bender, President of the Minneapolis City Council (http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/council/)

For more on Twins Game parking and other event parking at Target Field and the Target Center, please see our events parking page.